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SAHA integrative therapy: a path that respects your uniqueness

Listening to yourself means listening to your uniqueness. I offer you an integrative, global therapy, in order to be able to sculpt progressive support with varied tools and a central place: yours.

If a ready-made method announces a solution, it is unfortunately almost impossible, because we cannot respond to multiple individuals with a universal solution. No two people need the same thing.


With equal pathology, the therapeutic responses are different, because the causes, the history, the prism, the unique constitution means that getting rid of a fear, recurring sadness or old beliefs for one, will be different, even opposite for the other.


If you are ready to find your way, a global understanding of yourself, of your aspirations, that you feel ready to abandon your daily ills, to heal old wounds that weigh you down, then this is your commitment in ongoing therapy, whatever it may be, which will make the difference.


Thanks to a panel of rich ingredients, I am committed to moving forward with you to develop your recipe, together during therapy, then towards complete daily autonomy for yourself.

Any transformation unbalances before rebalancing, which is why you must be ready to meet yourself, to commit in your entirety and sometimes rediscover old traumas that you thought were extinct but which negatively fed your unconscious on a daily basis.


The tools available :


  • Energetic and psycho-energetic

  • Magnetism

  • Ayurveda:  nutrition, pathologies, psychology

  • Ayurvedic psychology and transpersonal psychology

  • Marmatherapy

  • Yoga

  • Pranayama

  • Yoga nidra

  • Guided meditations

This integrative therapy requires, in its entirety, a commitment on your part. 

If you would like to benefit from a specific consultation, see what suits you in the tabapproaches.

Vous allez recevoir bientôt les détails de la thérapie intégrative sur votre boîte mail

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