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Adeline G.
Energy care remote

I called on Sarah for my 2 children and I recommend Sarah for her listening skills, her feedback after sessions full of humanity and kindness. And I thank her for the results obtained!

Inès L.
Energy in the office

I met Sarah in Lyon and the first treatment was a great help to me!
As well as the others of course.
Very sweet, words that touch and hit the mark every time.
All this with incredible optimism.

Noémie L.
Energy in the office

I went to see Sarah 3 times, without a specific goal at first, also because I was curious to see if I was receptive. What a surprise ! Throughout the session I had real sensations, the mind reacted just like the body. Things happen within us without us being able to clearly identify them (for me at least) but changes are taking place, awarenesses are being raised, blockages are beginning to disappear...
Sarah gives us a precise assessment at the end of the session of what she perceived and the work she was able to do. There is also a time for discussion at the beginning. She is a very sweet and radiant person who I recommend.

Nora J.
Energy treatment in office

I was a little hesitant at first but Sarah immediately put me at ease. I was very surprised by this session which revealed many things that I was not aware of. Sarah took the time at the end of the session to analyze what I felt and we did a debrief together. You can see right away that she knows what she's talking about! I recommend with my eyes closed!

Marion D.
Remote energetics

Sarah is an excellent therapist, she has been following me for more than two years and she was able to effectively support me in energy and Ayurveda on everything that was bothering me (stress, fatigue, lack of self-confidence, seasonal depression, etc.)
Her advice is direct and relevant, and she leads her sessions with great intuition and compassion.

Anne-Lise L.
Remote and office integrative

Effective face-to-face and remote care, deep in energy.
Sarah also accompanied me in Ayurveda, very beneficial! Therapist that I recommend with my eyes closed!

Ansi G.
 Energy care in the office

Excellent soin avec Sarah, agréablement surpris par ses soins et conseils qui visent toujours juste !

Lola M.
Ayurveda follow-up in video

I consulted Sarah and I was simply amazed by the quality of her service.
Sarah is extremely gentle, and manages to detect problems but also to remedy them!
I highly recommend !

Extract from testimonies
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Luisida G. 
Energy Treatment in office

I did an energy treatment with Sarah and… wow! The first word that comes to me is the accuracy, of his feelings, of his words. I already feel the benefits on my body. I keep his end-of-session report carefully and don't hesitate to go back to it if necessary. It’s really valuable for me to move forward.
I highly recommend this type of treatment. It does not have a price. If this calls to you, go for it with confidence!
Thanks again Sarah 🙏🏼

Melodia M.
Remote energy care

I live in Guadeloupe and I called on Sarah for remote energy treatment, for persistent health concerns.
I was amazed by the connection, what I was able to feel which completely coincided with what Sarah was able to perceive, despite the 7000km that separate us!!!
So for all those who were doubtful, you can go ahead with complete confidence. Thank you Sarah for your gentleness, your professionalism and your kindness.

Agatha I.

I was able to have an assessment in Ayurveda and follow-up over the year 2022 which allowed me to relieve or even resolve several difficulties that I had had for a long time (sour stomach, digestive problems, sleep, energy). Many thanks for listening and the valuable advice that still accompanies me today! I highly recommend!!

Pia B
Energy treatment in office

Received in Lyon for an energy treatment, I was very pleasantly surprised by the sensations felt during the treatment even without there necessarily being any contact, then amazed by the reading of the body and interpretations. I highly recommend Sarah.

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