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What is energy healing?

Energy healing helps relieve emotional, energetic and physical ailments. Using techniques combining bioenergetic protocols, magnetism, visualization and marmatherapy, the treatment acts on the different envelopes of the body, and has effects on theemotional, organic, muscular and spiritual. It allows harmonization  energy flowsin the channels of the body (nadis) as well as their meeting points.

Whether for emotional ailments (regulation of emotions, melancholy, anger, mourning, lack of desire...),psychic (limiting thoughts, loss of self-confidence, exhaustion, burnout...), getting to know yourself (ancestors, transmission, energy imprint, deep desires), unblocking old beliefs, start a new cycle,  the energy treatment approaches the body as a whole.

Here are some non-exhaustive examples of topics covered during energy healing:​

  • Inflammation of the digestive system, acidity, transit problems

  • Desire to have a child without success

  • Emotional blocks, automatic thoughts 

  • Management of emotions (uncontrolled anger, verbal abuse)

  • Old traumas that make life hard for us on a daily basis

  • Phobias

  • Eczema, shingles, burns, joint pain...

The energy body (the subtle bodies) are the lightest, the first affected in the process of pathology. The physical body is densest where the palpable pain manifests.


The path of imbalance continues as such:

Subtle bodies -> emotional body -> mental body -> physical body


This is where we understand that physical pathology, sometimes chronic, comes to the end of deeper causes and alerts us, whether we hear it or not. The energy care allows access to the root, and to untangle knots on multiple grounds.

Is remote care as effective as in the office?

Energy healing takes placein officeOrfrom a distancewith the same efficiency without distinction. At a distance, there is a precise protocol for the start and until the end of the treatment, we are together, at a fixed time. The beneficial effects of remote care are identical, and therefore always very impressive as you can stay at home :)

Anger management

Anger prevents you from becoming fully yourself; it comes in the form of annoyance, verbal violence or a very strong reaction, without you really understanding why. This spoils precious everyday moments, perhaps with family or at work. Your loved ones would like to find you, you would like to find yourself. Emotional regulation sometimes escapes us and having support is essential when it is difficult to move forward alone, to free yourself from a weight, from this mantle of anger that imposes itself on you.

Approaching energy therapy is interesting to get to the root of these ailments gently, at your own pace, to soothe your body and your mind in order to restart all the flows within your body, whether emotional or energetic. The benefits are numerous and knowing yourself is the essential step to freeing yourself from our weight, with a trusted therapist.

Sadness installed

There is hardly a single day when you feel happy, or your perception of what can happen is positive and it exhausts you. If this emotion is constantly present, it is probably because there are blockages at the energetic level, and getting to the root of this sadness will allow you to free yourself from it and be able to approach your present and then the future more serenely. Using gentle methods, in agreement with your being, we can get to the cause and undo this pattern that blocks your perspectives and makes you lose confidence in the future.

Fear of expressing yourself

Never say anything, just in case, be afraid to express your feelings, your truth, sometimes to the point of losing your voice. Expression is essential, it liberates and allows us to move forward. If you feel closed off, misunderstood and you want to reach out to others, move forward, then energy therapy together is a relevant starting point, which will free you and your speech.


Not being able to express yourself holds your emotions inside, prevents good energy circulation and can lead to other ailments, it is important to take care of them and be able to express, become who you are, by deprogramming the old blockages that have led you to remain silent.

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