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Ayurveda, an ancient science at the service of health

Ayurveda, over five thousand years old, is a life science, born in India, who describes and focuses on maintaining balance within the body, which is a complex phenomenon made by its density, its subtle forms and its capacity to change, to be transformed.

Each person is born with a unique constitution, perfectly balanced for the functioning of our being. This balance becomes fragile with the years and the unbridled society in which we live, the foods we eat, our lifestyle, trauma, etc.

The Ayurveda approach is relevant for those in search of everyday well-being thanks to the knowledge of their uniqueness, and the desire to move towards autonomy in their daily health. 

For a first appointment, we organize a complete consultation, allowing me to question you, examine you and take your pulse in order to identify the first signs of causes of your imbalances

Then, we set up a first therapeutic strategy. It is recommended to make an appointment the following month in order to anchor the first habits.

There are also follow up consultations, which should be done when it seems important to you, or at each change of season for example, whether in the office or by videoconference.


Ayurvedic therapeutics are focused on food, small changes in habits, body care or plants. Although they seem simple to try they are nevertheless, thanks to their combination and repetition in time, extremely effective. Knowing how it works is a real way towards the autonomy of our daily health.


Here are some examples of warning signs that allow us to trace the thread to the cause of these symptoms of imbalances.


  • Difficult digestion

  • acid reflux

  • Complicated transit 

  • Weight gain or loss 

  • chronic fatigue

  • Fluctuating morale

  • Recurrent cysts

  • Inflammation, headaches

  • Skin 

  • etc

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