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Energy session

in office or remotely

Soin énergétique en cabinet ou à distance

Adults and children.

Energy treatment helps relieve physical, emotional and energetic ailments.​ It allows harmonization of energy flows in the body's channels (nadis) as well as their meeting points (chakras).


Using techniques combining magnetism, visualization, marmatherapy and bioenergetic protocols, the treatment acts on the different envelopes of the body, and therefore has effects at the emotional, organic, muscular and spiritual level. 

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Remote energy session

Eclairage énergétique


Energetic lighting is a moment for you, suspended where I connect to you, to your subtle bodies in order to access the answers, ideas that the conscious refuses or sometimes cannot find without a helping hand. 

Ideal for life changes, hesitations and a wish to know yourself.

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Ayurveda consultation

In office or by video

Ayurveda, consultation ayurvédique

Adults and children.

For a first appointment, we organize a complete assessment, allowing me to question you, examine you and take your pulse in order to identify the first signs of the causes of your imbalances. 


Then, we put in place a first therapeutic strategy. It is recommended to make an appointment the following month in order to establish the first habits.

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Psycho-energetic consultation



Psycho-energetic consultation is different from energy treatment. Your conscious, your mind is an actor of change. This moment of face-to-face exchange mixes energy protocols and magnetisms so that the words released, the issues raised can be fully treated by your entire being in a lasting manner. 

More information and making an appointment.

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