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The psycho-energetic session takes place seated face to face, in the office or by videoconference.


I question you, and while you speak I act on your different subtle bodies, in order to have a global understanding and perceive where the blockage is located, to what extent your consciousness, your mind are actors or if the knot is elsewhere. I can then harmonize live, explain to you what I perceive and interact with you according to what is needed at the energy level. This then brings us gradually further and further in understanding the causes of your discomfort.

These sessions are organized if you wish on a regular basis (once a week or fortnightly). During our first appointment, we address the problem and we give ourselves a therapeutic objective.


By techniques combining magnetism and bioenergetic protocols, energy work coupled with psychological support, act on the different envelopes of the body, and therefore have beneficial effects at th emotional, mental, unconscious and spiritual level.

Why psycho-energetic therapy?

You strive to do everything to "go well", through different techniques, accompaniments, but nothing seems to relieve you,  no response presents itself and the automatic thoughts continue to feed your consciousness. All this prevents you from projecting yourself, from moving forward.

You can consult whether it is for the management of your stress, a difficult period, bereavement, trauma, eating disorders, phobias, a prolonged anxious state of which you are aware but which does not want to get rid of you. So many realities that you know by heart but that make your life hard.

The psycho-energetic consultation unlike energy healing, it addresses your consciousness first, through your expression, then your energy bodies through my work during the session (in energy and by asking questions, leading us to find the origins of your ailments).

For example, during an energy treatment on a massage table, we act on the subtle bodies and thanks to the end-of-treatment report, we bring this work back to consciousness. Here it is rather the opposite, we arrive with something specific that cannot be resolved. Through the therapy sessions, we go back to heart of the cause in full awareness then we act consultation after consultation in order to free you permanently.

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