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What is energetic enlightening?

The consultation lasts 30 minutes. It takes place by telephone or videoconference.

I connect to your various subtle bodies to see what is inside you that you may not yet see. This presents itself as a kind of cartography where your different paths and deep emotions are visible. I strive to guide you and give you all the information I receive. 

Energetic enlightening is interesting to initiate a change, support decision-making, reinforce or alert on a problem chosen for the session.

Do you feel lost, need to know more about what is in the air, how things look for you, what path to choose, what end? You would like to understand why a deep wish does not come true when you spend all the energy on it, then this suspended moment to enlighten you is a relevant starting point. 

Remote Energy Enlightening |

Telephone or video

Takes place by telephone or videoconference.

Lasts 30 minutes.

50 euros per session.

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